Saturday, May 17, 2008

Creating Higher Organic SEO Standards for the Adult Industry

PB Vixen takes the organic approach by offering SEO and copywriting for the adult themed online industry.

Phoenix, AZ - Being in the adult business shouldn’t be any different than being in any other online business. You need advertising, organic SEO marketing, strong content, net presence and a good conceptual strategy for what you want to accomplish.

PB Vixen announces their services for adult online businesses to have an organic presence with their adult copywriting and organic SEO services. Their technique focuses on SEO and the adding and changing of copy; to allow their client’s adult sites to be indexed naturally through the search engines of Google and Yahoo which leads to organic traffic to their Website.

Organic SEO service packages are offered with an eight month payment plan available through The packages include the keyword research, Website analysis, keyword implementation, all the organic SEO techniques and much more!

"Clear, concise, SEO friendly copy which allows any potential client visiting your adult Website to stay on your Website is our drive. Organic and natural SERP's in the adult online industry is needed and we are the company providing this service." Lisa Weinberger, PB Vixen's co-founder stated.

PB Vixen is a virtual based online marketing company who supports a Green environment. They are available through all technology outlets for consultations and meetings. Let them help you understand the concepts of organic SEO marketing as well as provide the copy for all of your adult business needs.

About PB Vixen

Lisa Weinberger and Ralph Greco Jr. provide SEO copy and organic SEO marketing specific to the adult services field. With Lisa’s extensive client list through her mainstream copywriting and organic online marketing company and Ralph’s world-wide credits in the adult industry, Lisa and Ralph make a formidable team, ready to handle all your SEO needs. The company name PB Vixen developed quite simply through a long term joke between Lisa and Ralph, which started outside a Northern NJ diner (also known as Stateline).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Organic SEO Packages Available

It has been a work in progress but FINALLY we have posted our organic SEO service packages which we will begin offering. The packages with pricing can be found on our pricing page at This can give you an idea of what is included in the our packages BUT we can also customize a monthly package for your exact needs.

For example, let's say you don't need the sales letters but need adult product descriptions completed; we will swap out and replace certain parts of the package. Or if you want us to build a package from scratch after discussing your needs with us, this can be done as well.

Many businesses may not realize, unless it is stated in a contract, that the content being used for their SEO campaign is NOT owned to the client with full rights. This means it can be reused for numerous other online marketing campaigns.

What makes our organic SEO service packages different?

All our SEO service packages include all copywriting rates, the full copyrights, the maintenance of the campaign, and uploading to the CMS.

PearlyWrites and PBVixen has a network of 70+ degreed independent contractors located in the US and Canada who all provide high-quality, unique copy. Many of us have years of experience in the SEO field and have proven case studies proving our clients ROI, ranging from 85% - 500%!

Our SEO service packages include the FULL rights to all the copy with no question to our clients. We will NEVER reuse any of the copy written for your campaign. With our years of experience, we have developed our proven 20 question analysis to get the most concise information relevant to our client's copy, including accurate information for the type of business and Website address(es).

If you would like to become a partner/reseller of PearlyWrites or PBVixen and interested in discussing any of our organic SEO service packages for your business, feel free to contact us.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Have any of you discovered Twitter yet? What a fun social network where you can post one liners every minute if you really wanted to.

Through the Web or mobile, you can let all your followers know what you are doing or share a blog post, article, video, song or just your thoughts on the day. It is such a simple site but fun and keeps you connected to others on the net.

So if you haven̢۪t discovered Twitter yet, come on over and start Twitting and make some new Twitter friends!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sleep Apnea Newsweek Article

Congrats and Mazel Tov to my friend and co-founder of PB Vixen Ralph Greco Jr. for getting an article published in this week's Newsweek about Sleep Apnea.

This is a wonderful credit as well as Ralph finding out he has severe Sleep Apnea after 25 years. Finding out has changed his life and outlook as well as staying awake throughout the day doesn't hurt either. :)

A big Hazaa to Ralphie and check out his article!

Sleep Apnea Article

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Searches and SEO

I am not sure how many people realize that when they are conducting a Google, Yahoo or MSN search, they are logged into their account. If you have a gmail account, when you do a Google search, do you realize that Google knows where you are located and structures the search for that area?

For example, if I am signed into my gmail account and do a search for “Pet Sitters,” the results that pop up are usually ones located in Arizona though I never used the word Arizona or AZ in my keyword search.

For anyone providing SEO services, there are different markets to consider when creating an SEO campaign for your clients Websites. Some SEO’s will use state or city sub-domain names so when particular individuals in a specific area are searching for services or products, their site will come up in the results.

Ah, how tricky the top search engines can be!

SEO for Dummies

As I do not know if this book has been written or in the works, I have decided to share a small part of my knowledge about SEO. If you are doing a search and you type in your Website name to search, you SHOULD show up in the search engine results. If you don’t show up, then you need to contact your online marketing firm or contact us to take over the campaign.

The real achievement is if your Website shows up in the search results when certain keywords or phrases are searched. Think about it, how many people are really searching for your name? I mean besides maybe old friends or ex’s, who else honestly would be searching for Lisa Weinberger?

Do you get the point? You want search results to draw potential clients to your Website and hope your site will convert the visitor into a new client or sale. A Website is only a strong tool if it can be found by potential clients. Online marketing and SEO copy needs to be performed and executed and the minimum amount of time to start seeing results is three (3) months.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Test - Excerpts

by Ralph Greco Jr.

"Ready class," Mrs. Anderson began as she returned to the front of the group.

The teacher's unusually deep voice bounced off the empty dusty shelves. Despite her large frame, Mrs. Anderson was a demure woman in temperament; she had never liked this room for its cavern-like acoustics. The children should be tested in a proper space, not an unused library, she thought then as she had often. Silently damning herself for never really pushing for a better facility, what the thin-lipped woman managed here was all her own design, sanctioned to be sure by those few courageous enough to deflect and disavow.

"Positions please," Mrs. Anderson announced and the fourteen children moved in one wave to lay face down on their mats. It was a sight that had taken the forty-three year-old mother of two her twenty years teaching to get used to; all those little white rumps lying still on burping seas of red plastic.

greco speaks...

I can't seem to see my mind clear of the compounding silliness that confronts me everyday.

Producing entertaining satire (at least to me it's entertaining), songs and yelling within the confines of my mind I attempt to battle the injustices I see outside my front door and read in the newspaper (which I really try not to read). It seems a global-wide epidemic of monumental conceit has led us to a place where people are more concerned with being right then being sympathetic, kind - even simply polite. Each side thinks they are so opposite from the other, when in fact it looks like the chasm they claim is between them seems to be shrinking on a daily basis, squeezing out a mass of watered-down jelly I have to step over like so many land-mines just to my over-priced coffee.

So I place my fingers on a keyboard or lift my guitar pick in hand and try to strum or write through this silliness, which I am coming to fear ain't really all that silly after all.

greco bio...

Ralph Greco, Jr. is an internationally published author of short stories, plays, essays and coffee can labels. Ralph is also an Ascap licensed songwriter and has performed his self-penned songs the world over. When he isn't engaging himself in the various activities above, he attempts to keep his monsterous ego in check.